About Me

Many say that photography is about making memories. For me, the idea isn’t just a memory making process but a journey that makes me understand my passion and above all, myself. I recently graduated from International Center of Photography, New York and the experience there has enhanced my understanding of my passion as well as helped me explore various forms in which photography can be done.

It has helped me gain an insight into things such as the power and beauty of light; how interestingly it falls and scatters everywhere. I love to experiment with hard light and shadow in different environments. I believe the whole process of playing with lights adds a new dimension to an image.

Over the past few years that I have spent shooting and assisting photographer Nrupen Madhvani, I have realized that in order to fall in love with this art, one needs to fall in love with light and study how aesthetically it appeals to the eye. I strongly believe that for an image to be The One, it should speak to your heart and I practice my belief in every moment that I capture with my camera.

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I offer a one stop shop for all your creative needs. Packed with dedication and discipline you will love working with this true professional.

You can write to me at hello@sakshiparikh.com.


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